NOI Submission and Payment service


We now provide the ability to complete the TCEQ's Notice of Intent ("NOI") form and provide payment to the TCEQ for our clients.  We will use the information given to us via our form in addition to information we gather regarding the project's location to complete the NOI.  We will utilize the TCEQ's epay service to pay the $325 permitting fee.  The completed NOI form will be emailed to you once the payment is made along with signature and mailing requirements.

The cost for the development of the NOI and submission of the payment to the TCEQ is only $425.00.

The button below will allow for payment and provide access to the NOI Submission form.  We will complete the process within 1 business day of the form submittal.

Once the Paypal process is complete, login using the Login:NOIGuest and Password:noiguest.